Men’s Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper – Indus


Colours shown may differ from the actual shade due to varying screen resolutions on computers and mobile devices.

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The cashmere fibre comes from a hardy, mountain dwelling breed of goat that has adapted to the harsh environments and extreme temperatures of the Gobi Desert. In order to survive, the goats develop wonderfully thick coats made up of a coarse outer guard and a fine soft undercoat. Using the finest fibre from the white, downy undercoat of the goat that runs from the throat to the belly, it takes fibre from three goats to make a jumper. Traditionally, farmers have collected cashmere fibre by ceremonially combing their goats in the spring. Combing is still widely used today, alongside some farmers who prefer shearing.

The fibre is yarn spun, dyed and blended in Scotland by the world’s leading yarn spinners that have been manufacturing here for over 140 years.

There are 27 processes in the making of a jumper. The garment is knitted in four fully fashioned panels on flat bed and V bed knitting machines before being hand linked and finished to a detailed specification. A fully fashioned knitting machine’s needles add or drop stitches to create custom two-dimensional shapes appropriate to the desired finished garment structure. The garment is washed and steam dried before its first press and this gives it its shape. Trimmings are then added before the final press.

The insulating capacity of cashmere is approximately three times that of normal sheep’s wool. Hence a cashmere jumper is very soft, lightweight and luxurious to wear. Our cashmere jumpers are made in a classic contemporary fit suited for modern living.
Sizing based on chest size is as follows:

  • 42” (107 cm)
  • 44” (112 cm)
  • 46” (117 cm)
  • 48” (122 cm)
  • 50” (127 cm)
  • 52” (132 cm)

Our Gentlemen’s Cashmere Jumpers are made in Scotland using 100% Pure 2/28 Nm cashmere. The jumpers are available in the following colours:

Black American | Navy Jasper (Red) | Blue Haze (Pale Blue)
Dark Medium (Natural) | Felt Grey (Light Grey) | Indus (Sky Blue) | Ametista (Violet)

Colours shown may differ from the actual shade due to varying screen resolutions on computers and mobile devices.

All stock sold subject to availability.

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