Fred’s Barbed Wire Cover


Approximately 39” long x 2½” wide when folded.

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Made in England exclusively for Cuyler & Davy

Made from strong waterproof canvas, this barbed wire cover has many uses. It is designed to fit in the pocket, attach to a belt or bag or leave on the wire for the season. The cover is easily used by folding it over the wire and simply pressing the Velcro strips together for added safety. It has many applications and is ideal for:

  • Shooting – to save on your dogs’ vet bills
  • Fishing – to prevent tearing your waders
  • Riding – for horses who hate barbed wire
  • Walking – to avoid damage to your clothes and yourself

Approximately 39” long x 2½” wide when folded, the barbed wire cover is folded in four lengthwise with a loop so that it can be put in a pocket or attached to a belt or bag for carrying purposes.

Fred’s Barbed Wire Cover is in constant use throughout the UK and overseas.

Designed by Angela Dewhurst the owner of the late Fred, a black Labrador whose tummy was badly torn after trying to jump a barbed wire fence while picking up at a shoot in Scotland.

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